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Terms and Conditions Review – We have an in-house attorney that reviews your terms and conditions to ensure they follow what the banks like to see. Based on our experience and extensive research we know exactly what the banks want to see and then provide you with the information to edit your Terms and Conditions accordingly. Providing us with a better argument against fraudulent chargebacks.

Offer Details Our legal team will review all of the pages of your offer and collect all of the information necessary for them to respond appropriately to your request to have the charge back reversed. There may be things that need to be changed on your side to increase the probability of getting the outcome you desire. But rest assured, we know what your bank is looking for when they respond to your request.

Merchant Bank Integration – We have to obtain all of the merchant account information for each merchant account, obtain logins, load merchant information into our system and then contact each merchant to setup the processing of the chargebacks.

Chargeback Service – 30 Resolution Points to be used toward either 30 Chargebacks (1 RP each) or 6 Interceptions (3 RP each) or a combination of both services totaling 30 points

Response Formatting – (Per Product) Each product is entered into the system and formatting takes place to personalize each response specific to the product

Business hours: 9am - 5pm
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